All the winners from this years VIVID event

It was a bumper crop of entrants with 150+ designers entering across the five categories (Furniture Design, Object Design, Lighting Design, Concept Design, and VIVID Colour Award) for the 14th Annual VIVID Design Competition.

Our very own National Product Manager, Orest Hawryluk, again joined the judging panel for this years event, which included a wide range of quality entrants, making judging extremely hard.

Curated by Daniel Della Riva of Latitude Group, VIVID is an opportunity for tomorrow’s innovators to showcase their work, and for the rest of the industry to gain insight on trends that will shape the future of design.

An unprecedented number of entries were received for this years competition, from which over 40 finalists were selected. The calibre of design was outstanding across all categories, including the new category for 2017 – Object Design.


“When viewed as a collection of design pieces, we feel that the finalists have produced a body of work with a distinctly Australian aesthetic, and an attention to detail that is on point. From the functional to the experimental, the designs demonstrate the diverse talent and unique personalities of Australia’s emerging designers. ”

Daniel Dalla Riva


Winner Furniture Design: ‘Nyinajimanha’, by Nicole Monks

Vivid 17 Winner Furniture Design - Nicole Monks

Inspired by a trip back on country and stories about Nicole’s Great-Grandmother’s renowned kangaroo tail stew ‘nyinajimanha’ (sitting-together) holds the narrative of bringing people together to create community, share knowledge and connect. The cultural belongings (furniture) are designed as a group of 6 chairs and 1 table to physically embody this unity.



Winner Lighting Design: ‘Ingneous’ by James Walsh & Ash Allen


Vivid 17 Winner Furniture Design - IgneousUsing Melbourne’s most iconic material, bluestone, Igneous is a byproduct of an original process that James Walsh and Ash Allen developed. By utilising the waste material of bluestone cuttings and melting it down to a molten state, Igneous naturally creates unique colours and textures to form a decorative wall light.



Winner Object Design: ‘GH Bike Rack’ by Adrian Olasau

Vivid 17 Winner Object Design - GH Bike Rack

“GH is an elegant solution for bike and helmet storage. Inspired by minimalist sculptural form, GH is as much a piece of art as it is a highly functional object. GH is made from sustainably sourced solid timber laminations. GH is finished in a natural oil/wax finish.”



Winner Concept Design: Thomas Hewitt for ‘Narvis’

Vivid 17 Winner Concept Design - Narvis by Thomas Hewitt

Originally designed as a task light, Narvis pays homage to ancient boat building techniques through Steam bending, planning and finishing. Full dimming capabilities are available at a touch via the subtle brass button on its spine. Hand crafted, Narvis combines the old, with the sleak.

Winner Colour Award: Matt Potter for ‘Habere’

Vivid 17 Winner Colour Award - Matt Potter

The development of Habere started with process driven research and the exploration of a conceptual theme; combining the engineered and the organic. Habere’s form has been informed by shapes seen in industrial components and the natural environment. Habere utilises digital fabrication and handmade processes to be produced.



Designer of the Year: Thomas Hewitt

2017 Designer of the Year - Thomas Hewitt

Orest with 2017 Designer of the Year, Thomas Hewitt and Daniel Dalla Riva


At James Richardson Furniture, we’re committed to leading the way in design trends. Events like D+D provide a fantastic opportunity for our team to gain new insights, and share our expertise on the future of interior design.

The largest industry event in Australia, Decor+Design (D+D) is an interior designer’s paradise, with more 10,000 people descending upon the Melbourne Convention Centre to explore the latest trends from more than 250 exhibitors.

Though a cool 80 years have passed since GioPonti designed the Livia Chair, it is still turning heads and tugging on the heartstrings of today’s interior designers. And it’s easy to see why.


With its sleek, minimalist design and expansive colour options, the Livia can lift a dining room, bring inspiration to a workspace, or become a vibrant statement piece in any modern interior. Livia is as versatile as it is timeless.



Global Design

The original Livia Chair was designed in 1937 by Italian designer, architect, painter, and co-founder of Domus Magazine, Gio Ponti, for the Livianum offices of the University of Padua. Livia quickly gained popularity within the European design community and has continued to make an impression the world over.


About The Designer –  Gio Ponti at a Glance


Gio Ponti - Furniture & Chair Designer


Renowned for his contribution to Italian Modernism in the 1950-60s, Ponti’s diverse talents are still visible in exquisite furniture, ceramics, industrial design and architecture, including the Pirelli Tower in Milan, and the Denver Art Museum.

Today, Ponti’s Livia Chair is a prized addition to the Cizeta and L’abbatecollections, available in Australia exclusively, through James Richardson Furniture.

Cizeta and L’abbate – Names Synonymous with Beautiful Design

Independent Italian manufacturers, Cizeta and L’abbate, have united to deliver the best of Italian furniture design to the world. Family owned and backed by over 30 years’ in the business, Cizeta and L’abbate maintain their reputation as dealers of luxury products, designed by some of Europe’s best.

Investing in the entire production of their furniture, from technological research, premium material selection, to testing by Catas for complete quality assurance – every product featured in the collection is crafted to the highest possible standard.

Now, this same high-quality, designer furniture is available to Australians, exclusively through James Richardson Furniture. Find out more about the Livia Chair and explore our range of Cizeta and L’abbate to discover more timeless European design for today’s interiors.




This years design trends have been predicted, here are some products to help achieve that desired look.

Last year we published a similar article on how you can accomplish the predicted Interior Design Trends of 2017. With the success of that article, we have decided to go at it again this year.

With an array of online articles and magazines publishing predicted design trends, you are all probably well aware of what is expected to be hot in 2018. So, we thought we would help out a little and provide 5 tips, backed with photo inspiration and example products to help achieve these looks.


1 – Dark, Reddish Brown Wood Finishes

Colour trends for 2018 are expected to see an influx of Reddish Browns timber finished. Camel, Rust, Tabacco and Brown Blacks are expected to take over from the previous years pastels, emerald green and navy blue.

Combining these colours with natural greys, green leafs and blacks can really life a room to the next level.


Giant Steps - Yarra Valley

Image: Giants Steps Case Study
Products: Anya Stool


Campo Restaurant - Pedrali

Image: Campo Restaurant
Products: Namea Chair


Image: The Kitty Hawk
Products: Tivoli Chair




2 – Strong, Bold Colour in Bathroom & Kitchens

Designers are looking at making a statement within the key rooms of a residential property, restaurant or office fit out. With these areas traditionally being white and clean in colour, statement pieces can be used to quickly and easily create that wow factor without breaking the budget and refitting these areas.


Product: Ramblas Cabinet


Product: Edge Wall


Product: Bubble Hanger



3 – Plush and Comfortable Furniture

2018 is set to see plush, padded and comfortable furniture pieces take off. Multi-use furniture will also surge as interiors look to provide agile spaces.


Product: CELL 72 Lounge Sofa


Product: Joy Ottoman




4 – Shark Nosed and Alternative Edged Table Tops

Table and bench tops have now evolved with the level of quality and workmanship defining and separating from the standard.


Image: ARKI-Table Ark Wood


Image: Gustave Table



5 – Concrete

Hitting hard in 2017, concrete, whether it be real or concrete looking materials, is expected to continue to surge in 2018. Given it’s plain, greyscale tone, it’s important to use soft furniture and colour to lift the room and remove from a stale impression.


Image: Showroom Janošík
Product: Alba Lounge Armchair


Product: Cell 72 ArmchairCell 72 Lounge Sofa






When it comes to living rooms, often the big bucks are spent on that sublime lounge you have had your eye on for ages. While sinking into that cushy goodness is pure bliss, it doesn’t feel as good doing it in an empty room. Happily, Mocka has you covered for the rest. We thought we’d show how you can set up your living room so it is comfortable, practical and stylish….and all for under $1000!

Starting Budget – $1000

First order of business means getting an entertainment unit sorted. We just love our Sadie Entertainment Unit for its simple, modern style. At just $259.95, this beauty is affordable and will set the look and feel of any living room space.

Sadie Entertainment Unit - Mocka AU

Budget Remaining – $740.05

Now that the entertainment unit is sorted, we need some comfortable seating for the room. What’s a living room without a recliner? So the Asta Recline ($119.95) is a definite must. This is the perfect chair for watching a movie with your feet up. A Britta Armchair ($119.95) will also look superb and is perfect for a spot of reading. For only $49.95, lets also added a Crochet Pouffe for the cushiest place to rest our feet.

Asta Recline - Mocka AU

Budget Remaining – $450.20

We bet your getting worried now that we are under $500 right?  We aren’t. The floors are looking a little bare. A Swirl Rug ($59.95) would help add some colour and texture to the room, while adding a layer of comfort to the floors. The simple and stylish Maya Trio Tables ($99.95) would look gorgeous styled over the rug and also be a unique option for a coffee table.  While we are in the Maya Range, lets add a Maya Side Table ($49.95) for some side action next to a couch or armchair.

Swirl Rug - Mocka AU

Budget Remaining – $240.35

Now that we have the entertainment unit, armchair and recliner, floor rug, coffee table and side table all sorted, lets concentrate on lighting! A Concrete Lamp ($29.95) would certainly look at home on the side table and will add lovely, ambiance to the space of a night. A mirror will help bounce natural light around the room of a day, so an Astrid Mirror ($29.95) it is!

Concrete Lamp - Mocka AU

Budget Remaining – $180.45

With all the essentials covered, we can begin adding some accents to really tie the room together. A Faux Sheepskin ($39.95) will be perfect draped over a lounge or chair. Lets also grab 2 x Mae Cushions @ $19.95 each ($39.90) because hello, accent cushions. A room also doesn’t look complete without a little decoration. So a Mae Wall Hanger ($39.95) will finish off the walls nicely. Lastly, we’ll add some Felt Coasters ($14.95) to the coffee tables for a fun but practical little accessory.

Mae Cushion Cover - Mocka AU

Total Budget Used – $954.30

So there you have it, a living room set up for easily under $1000! With $45.70 left over, that is plenty of change to grab any candles, prints or a plant that you want to style around the room. Or even better, get a little treat for yourself.