80 Years On and Ponti’s Livia Chair Is Still as Desirable as Ever

80 Years On and Ponti’s Livia Chair Is Still as Desirable as Ever

Though a cool 80 years have passed since GioPonti designed the Livia Chair, it is still turning heads and tugging on the heartstrings of today’s interior designers. And it’s easy to see why.


With its sleek, minimalist design and expansive colour options, the Livia can lift a dining room, bring inspiration to a workspace, or become a vibrant statement piece in any modern interior. Livia is as versatile as it is timeless.



Global Design

The original Livia Chair was designed in 1937 by Italian designer, architect, painter, and co-founder of Domus Magazine, Gio Ponti, for the Livianum offices of the University of Padua. Livia quickly gained popularity within the European design community and has continued to make an impression the world over.


About The Designer –  Gio Ponti at a Glance


Gio Ponti - Furniture & Chair Designer


Renowned for his contribution to Italian Modernism in the 1950-60s, Ponti’s diverse talents are still visible in exquisite furniture, ceramics, industrial design and architecture, including the Pirelli Tower in Milan, and the Denver Art Museum.

Today, Ponti’s Livia Chair is a prized addition to the Cizeta and L’abbatecollections, available in Australia exclusively, through James Richardson Furniture.

Cizeta and L’abbate – Names Synonymous with Beautiful Design

Independent Italian manufacturers, Cizeta and L’abbate, have united to deliver the best of Italian furniture design to the world. Family owned and backed by over 30 years’ in the business, Cizeta and L’abbate maintain their reputation as dealers of luxury products, designed by some of Europe’s best.

Investing in the entire production of their furniture, from technological research, premium material selection, to testing by Catas for complete quality assurance – every product featured in the collection is crafted to the highest possible standard.

Now, this same high-quality, designer furniture is available to Australians, exclusively through James Richardson Furniture. Find out more about the Livia Chair and explore our range of Cizeta and L’abbate to discover more timeless European design for today’s interiors.




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